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  • The conference features two types of individual presentations: oral and poster.
  • Participants who wish to make oral or poster presentations should submit an English abstract of approximately 300 words or Chinese abstract of approximately 500 words online at the conference website before  October 3, 2021 (no full-text required). 
  • Oral/poster presentations can be made in  ENGLISH or CHINESE. Presenters have to specify the language format (ENGLISH or CHINESE) they wish to use for their presentations during on-line registration. Please also note that all  Chinese presentation sessions will be scheduled on November 13, 2021.     
  • Abstract submissions are requested  to follow APA 6th edition format with font size 12, 1.5 spacing and the following structure:
    1. Title  
    2. Name(s) of main author and co-author (full name)
    3. Affiliation and job title  
    4. Purpose of study
    5. Research Method
    6. Result and discussion
    7. Keywords (maximum five words).
  • The acceptance of paper abstracts usually will be announced within four weeks of deadline.The acceptance will be emailed to individual authors afterwards.
  • For environmental protection, the conference program book will not list full-text papers or abstracts.
  • The Best Paper Award
  • For authors who would like to apply for the Best Paper Award, please upload your full paper (English within 5,000 word, or chinese within 8,000 words) to the TERA 2021. Submissions must be in PDF format.

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