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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about the TERA-GACC 2018 conference. Please read through all the FAQ's to familiarize yourself with the TERA-GACC 2018 Conference and its procedures.

A、User Account, Submission and Reviewing
B、Registration and Payment
C、Travel & hotel information
D、Programme Planning and Conference Details

1. Are there any formal requirements to consider when filling in the form?

Example forms and more details on Formats of Presentation

2.Online Submissions

Already have a Username/Password for TERA2021? GO TO LOGIN

3.Need a Username/Password?


4.Oral / poster presentations

Oral sessions: Each session will consist of 3-5 presentations and each presentation will be allocated with 15 minutes, followed by a joint discussion period of 20 minutes. Each meeting room is equipped with a Windows 10 computer(with Office 2018) and a data/video projector.
Poster sessions: Poster sessions will take place on November 12-13. Poster presenters are requested to attend the whole designated session to discuss your work. The poster size is limited to a maximum of 120 cm in height and 90 cm(A0 size) in width and no restriction given to the color and format of a poster. The length of a poster text should be limited within 2000 words. Poster hanging equipment will be provided by the conference organizers.

5.Why was my paper rejected?

A: There may be many reasons why a proposal was rejected. It is possible that the readers did not feel the proposal made a contribution to the field, or that it was one of several proposals on the same topic. It is possible that the proposal did not follow submission guidelines in some way. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of submissions, the Program Committee cannot respond to inquiries about rejections.

6.Can I change the name of my paper, after it is submitted?

A: Yes. Please contact administration at  tera@mail.nsysu.edu.tw prior to the specified deadline for changes and corrections.Note that your title can change, the content of the paper must continue to be consistent with the proposal submitted.

7. Can I present a paper that has already been, or will be, presented at another conference?

A: It is expected that any paper presented at the TERA2021 Conference is original and has not been previously presented. Presenting material that has been accepted for publication in a journal, but which has not gone to print before the conference, is acceptable.

8. Can I substitute a different paper after my paper has been accepted?

A: No. Your paper was judged and accepted on the merits of the proposal. You cannot substitute something different after your proposal has been accepted.

9. How many papers can I propose?

A: You can propose only ONE paper for the conference.